Speech & OMD Therapy

We provide speech and OMD therapy to treat speech disorders and orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs) so that individuals can live healthier, happier lives and avoid long-term issues that arise from avoidance.

We don’t treat symptoms, we treat the root cause.

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Why Choose Us?

All Ages Welcome

From age 3 and up, we see individuals of all ages where our services can provide benefits.


We coordinate with your dentist, orthodontist, doctor or other medical professionals.


We get to know you and your goals and provide individualized treatment and guidance.


We provide data-driven, evidence-based, high quality services using the latest research.


We promote a holistic, natural model of health and wellness, that goes beyond speech. 


We treat functional issues with eating, speaking, breathing, and even sleeping.


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) or Oromyofunctional Therapy is a series of exercises of the lips, jaw, tongue, cheeks and palate designed to re-pattern the oral and facial muscles to promote proper tongue position, improve proper breathing, chewing and swallowing.

Speech Therapy

Licensed and certified in speech pathology in Illinois, I will work to identify and provide speech therapy for a wide range of speech-language issues you or your child may be experiencing.

Get to the
source of problems
instead of
treating symptoms.

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Customer Reviews

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My daughter LOVED seeing Basha for speech therapy. Basha’s communication about scheduling and speech homework was perfect. She tailored materials to my daughter’s interests and attention level every visit.

Erin Ripley
Miss Basha has been so patient with my quiet and timid son. She has helped him to progress with his various speech difficulties and has been resourceful and creative in finding ways to personally motivate him.

Amanda Toca
One of our children has been seeing Basha for the last 18 months for dyslexia therapy. Basha’s experience and knowledge shine as she adapts things for our child, monitoring frustration levels and adeptly shifting.

Jennifer Tarman


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